It Was Much More Than an Interview – It Could Save a Life

August 3, 2014

Very interesting interview!


On Friday August 1, 2014 I had the pleasure of interviewing Mickey Jones on my radio show (as I warned you about here).

If you don’t know who Mickey Jones is – look here. If you don’t know about my radio program on 97.3  The Surf – look here.

Anyway – about the interview…

Just prior to calling him, I played the song Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers to get the listening audience primed – since Mickey was the drummer on that track.

secret agent manI called Mickey and we exchanged pleasantries off-air while the song played. Mind you – Mickey couldn’t hear the song so he had no idea what the audience was hearing.

When the song finished I brought our mics up and welcomed Mickey to the show, telling him that we had just played Secret Agent Man.

“That’s a good song,” he said. “Let…

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IMAGINE: Epic Music Inspires

August 2, 2014

I’m looking forward to seeing the designs, the trailers, and the Steampunk creations.


Facebook Banner FINAl

Welcome to the biggest Epic Music event of the year! In celebration of YouTube powerhouse, EpicMusicVn‘s 2 year anniversary, we’ve gathered leaders of the epic music industry for an unprecedented, global collaboration. 

Tap into your imagination and show us how Epic Music inspires YOU! Fans will be rewarded with exclusive signed albums, artwork, t-shirts and worldwide exposure, not to mention the respect and admiration of composers & music fans everywhere!

Try your hand at video editing and blow us away with a book trailer that captures the essence ofTwo Steps From Hell’sColin Frake enhanced iBook—featuring the world’s first live symphony orchestra book soundtrack!

Want audiomachine fans everywhere to wear YOUR t-shirt design? Give it a shot, in theEngineers of Epic Machine Head Challenge!

How about showing your friends a title design you crafted for the cover of Really Slow Motion’s next public release, OF MIST AND…

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Remembering Maya Angelou – An Incredible Woman.

June 2, 2014

Shah and I are on the same page when it comes to Maya Angelou.

Shah's Scribbles

I have always adored Maya’s poetry, and I have been inspired by her as a woman, an activist, an actor, a writer, and general all round survivor and creator since I was first gifted a book of her poems in 1996 by a boyfriend’s father.

Soe of you will have read posts on this blog featuring some of her poetry, including some of my favourites.

Unsurprisingly then, I was devastated to hear (only yesterday, a day late) of her sad, sad, loss.

The following post remembers her though her writing so I shared it here. Enjoy and join me in a prayer for Maya. X

Remembering Maya Angelou Through Her Writing – GalleyCat.

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I’m not here.

July 7, 2013

You can find my blog through my website at If you follow this blog there’s nothing here. Absolutely nothing.